Interoffice Sarl is one of the biggest suppliers for chairs and office furniture in Lebanon. 
The company was founded in the early 1960's by the hands of an ambitious worker, Mr. Abdul Rahman Sabah Tayon, with a unique vision regarding furniture. His profession, at first, solely revolved around upholstery from a small factory in Beirut of approximately 200 sqm. Later in the 1980's, Mr. Sabah Tayon moved to importing chair components and accessories, where he was considered the first importer of such products in Lebanon. Then, in 1993-the turning point, Mr. Sabah Tayon decided to transform his business from a small profession to a corporate company called Interoffice Sarl. The company expanded heavily and entered a new field, besides its current operations, that rotated around the manufacturing and production of chairs and office desks. As the size of the business expanded, a 200 sqm factory was no longer sufficient and hence the company began increasing the size of its business premises bit by bit up until a 5,600 sqm factory, located in Chouiefat area, and a 1,200 sqm showroom, located in Bir Hassan, became the new business premises that supported the massive growth in business. 
Currently, the company is considered a market leader in office furniture where we offer a wide range of well designed, multifunctional and quality office furniture such as chairs, desks, partition panels, desk accessories... We are not solely involved in the manufacturing, but rather in both the "planning and design" phase, in addition to the "furniture installation" phase. We commit to offer unique and comfortable designs, competitively priced products, a rapid delivery time, and most importantly top of the line customer service - all of which has helped us attain outstanding appraisal by all our clients.